I can’t believe it’s already February! The month of January was an interesting one. I went to the orthodontics and got the Carriere Motion Apllicance. I will be getting braces in the summer. I will be wearing the Carriere for 6 months. In February, my sister had … Continue readingFebruary


I have been currently exercising to get my heart rate up and stay in good shape. My sibling and I ran for 15 minutes inside due to the heavy rain. Our family and I will have dinner shortly. We will be eating seafood that we … Continue readingUpdate

Happy New Year

Wow. Looking back at 2018, I think it was the craziest year. To be honest, I say this about every year but this time it’s actually the craziest year.  What did you do to celebrate the new year? Did you stay up late? Did you hang out with family? … Continue readingHappy New Year

Thanksgiving Quote!

Today’s quote will be about being thankful/grateful. I chose this because Thanksgiving is nearing! Here is the quote: “Let our lives be both full of thanks & giving” -Anonymous